Scheduled Maintenance

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Getting scheduled maintenance is the best way to ensure the overall health of your car is at it’s best. Most vehicle problems don’t come out of the blue, they often start small with no visible problems or damage to your vehicle. Over time those problems grow until suddenly something major is broken and not working correctly. Scheduled maintenance aims to fix that by looking at many different aspects of your cars for these small problems and their likely causes. Regularly changing fluids, filters, and looking for small cracks or leaks prevents problems from causing expensive damage later on. When you need scheduled maintenance done, stop by our Mendota BP Service Center. Our ASE certified technicians have over 40 years of auto experience keeping cars well maintained and problem free. Come by or schedule an appointment with us today!

  • We Use Only Top Quality Equipment And Parts
  • Our Technicians Have Over 40 Years Of Automotive Experience
  • Offering Free Towing, Pick-up & Delivery Service
  • Located In A Beautiful, Convenient Location
  • 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty*
  • See store for details

You give great service in all areas!!!!! I’ve always been pleased with the professional way your staff handles my car problems resulting in good customer service.