Auto Batteries

Dependable Auto Batteries

Auto batteries go through a lot of use during their lifetime. They provide power to your vehicle to keep everything running smoothly and keep the lights on. They’re especially subject to the extremes changes in temperature that the average car experiences so they will need to be changed eventually. The average car battery last around 3 years so that’s a good point to get it looked at. If you’re experiencing electronics not starting up, dimming of lights, or it’s close to that 3 year mark, you want to bring your car into our Mendota BP Service Center. With over 40 years of experience and ASE certified technicians, we know what to look for and check the status of your battery. Don’t get stranded on the road and rely on jumper cables, stop by or schedule an appointment today!

  • We Use Only Top Quality Equipment And Parts
  • Our Technicians Have Over 40 Years Of Automotive Experience
  • Offering Free Towing, Pick-up & Delivery Service
  • Located In A Beautiful, Convenient Location
  • 3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty*
  • See store for details

You give great service in all areas!!!!! I’ve always been pleased with the professional way your staff handles my car problems resulting in good customer service.